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Shiny Select

The tasks that our team did for Shiny Select – Slider Bags involved creating the product package, appealing main and side infographics, lifestyle images, compelling and SEO-optimized Amazon listing, and A+ Content.

 Lifestyle and Infographics

Lifestyle and infographics serve as visual aids to convey essential information about the Shiny Select slider bags. These infographics may highlight features such as size dimensions, capacity, durability, and usage scenarios. By illustrating the product in use, lifestyle images help potential customers visualize how it can solve their storage needs and improve their daily lives.

 a+ content

A+ Content, also known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on Amazon, allows for the creation of multimedia-rich product detail pages.

The A+ content we created includes enhanced images, comparison charts, and other elements that provide a deeper insight into the features and benefits of the slider bags aiming to increase product credibility and ultimately drive conversions and sales.


Logo Module Design


Product Description Module


Product Focus Module

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Lifestyle Promotion Module


Lifestyle Sample image


Featured squared images

Product Package

Designing the product package involves creating an attractive and functional packaging solution for the Shiny Select slider storage bags. Factors such as material choice, size, shape, and graphic design were carefully considered to ensure that the package not only protects the product but also catches the attention of potential customers on the retail shelf or in online listings.

SHINY SLIDER BAGS - 5 gallon 10ct - MAIN 1.png

Compelling and SEO-Optimized Amazon Listing

Crafting a compelling and SEO-optimized Amazon listing was made to create persuasive product descriptions, bullet points, titles, and backend keywords. The listing highlighted the unique selling points of the storage bags, addressing customer pain points and emphasizing their benefits.

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