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Starument Portable Wireless Speakers

We concentrated on optimizing the online presence of Starument portable wireless speakers by ensuring that the product is presented effectively through a compelling Amazon listing, utilizing the additional features provided by A+ Content to enhance the customer experience, and creating visually appealing product photography to showcase the speakers in the best possible light.

Amazon Listing

The team crafted a compelling Amazon listing for Starument portable wireless speakers. This involves optimizing key elements such as the product title, bullet points, and product description, as well as infographic and lifestyle images to ensure that potential customers can easily understand the features and benefits of the speakers.

 a+ content

We have leveraged the use of A+ Content. It allows us for more detailed and visually appealing product descriptions. We have provided additional information, high-quality images, and interactive content to create a more immersive and informative experience for customers exploring the product on the Amazon platform.


Logo Module Design


Product Description Module


Product Focus Module

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Lifestyle Promotion Module


Lifestyle Sample image


Featured squared images

Product Photography

The team has undertaken the task of creating visually appealing and high-quality product photography for Starument portable wireless speakers. This includes capturing images that showcase the product from various angles, highlight its key features, and convey a sense of its design and functionality.

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