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Zalig – Chocolate Coated Oreo Cookies

We focused on creating a cohesive brand identity and a compelling online presence for Zalig’s Chocolate Coated Oreo Cookies with an Easter theme design. This includes developing a distinctive brand logo, capturing enticing product photography, creating an SEO-optimized Amazon listing, and enhancing the presentation through A+ Content.hrough a compelling Amazon listing, utilizing the additional features provided by A+ Content to enhance the customer experience, and creating visually appealing product photography to showcase the speakers in the best possible light.

SEO Optimized Amazon Listing

We have optimized the key elements such as the product title, bullet points, and product description while using the most relevant keywords for the product. We have highlighted the best qualities and features of the chocolate-coated Oreo cookies.

 a+ content

A+ Content has been created to enhance the presentation of the product. This additional content goes beyond the standard listing and includes features like enhanced images and detailed product descriptions. We have provided a more immersive and informative shopping experience for customers, helping to differentiate the product and increase its appeal.


Logo Module Design


Product Description Module


Product Focus Module

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Lifestyle Promotion Module


Lifestyle Sample image


Featured squared images

Product Photography

High-quality product photography has been produced to showcase the chocolate-coated Oreo cookies. These images were captured in various settings and angles, highlighting their delicious appearance and the Easter-themed design.

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